Pet Policy

We are a pet friendly campground. We do not have any breed restrictions. All pets are still required to be under their owners’ control at all times. All pets are welcome as part of the family, but the guest should be aware that they are responsible for their pets. Other than dogs and cats, any animals that will be outside of the camper must be approved by management.

  • *All Pets must be on a leash at all times! Unless in our dog park.
  • *No pets are to be left outside of the RV unattended at any time. Pets may not be left tied, crated, or fenced outside while guest is inside or away from the RV
  • *Pets must not be a nuisance to other guests (constant barking) and must adhere to quiet hours.
  • *All pets must be properly cleaned up after. Even on their own site
  • *Pets should not be walked through other sites at any time
  • *Pets are allowed in the water, but must still be leashed.
  • *You must provide a rabies vaccination for all pets.
  • *Pet owners accept full responsibility for their pets

    I, have read, understand and agree to follow the pet policies listed above and have been given a copy of this form. I further understand that if I do not completely follow the pet rules I may be asked to leave the park immediately with no refunds. I also will be fully responsible for any incident involving my pets and will indemnify, hold harmless and release Association Island from any claims resulting from the incident.

    Signature: * Draw/sign in the box below with your mouse or finger.

    Association Island is absolved of all liability for anyone infected with coronavirus during their stay. By staying at Association Island, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19. We will take all measures necessary to keep our property as safe and comfortable as possible for our guests amid the coronavirus pandemic, but please understand that there is a shared responsibility between guests and Association Island.

    Please press only once. A message will appear below once the form has submitted.

    Signed on: 04/19/2021

    We would like to continue to be a pet friendly campground, but in order to do this ALL pet owners must take responsibility for their pets.  We hope that you will continue to help us with our efforts in keeping the campground clean and pet friendly by letting us know if our policies are being met or not.  If you see another pet owner not keeping to our policies please let us know. 

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