Golf Cart Rental Agreement

Pricing: Golf Cart Rentals - Full Day: $60, Golf Cart Rentals - Per Hour: $20

Security Deposit. Security Deposits will be refunded upon satisfactory return of rental equipment.

Release Agreement

Undersigned lessee and participants understand that all golf car activities are dangerous.  There are known and unknown risks which can cause injury or even death.  Furthermore, lessee and participants agree that lessor shall not be held responsible or liable for any loss, property damage, bodily injury, accident or loss of life occurring while the above leased equipment is in possession or control of the lessee.  Lessee and participants assume full and complete responsibility for an injury to himself/herself and/or other persons, or for any damage to property resulting from and arising out of use, operation, storage or transportation of leased equipment in possession or control of lessee.  The undersigned lessee and participants with the intention of binding himself/herself, hereby release and discharge and agree to hold harmless 1000 Islands/Association Island KOA, it’s employees, agents, heirs, actions and causes of action, agreement, judgments, executors, claims and demands whatsoever in law or in equality that may in any circumstance resulting from or in any way connected with the lease of equipment listed above.



1.  Lessee understands that rental fees are NON-REFUNDABLE once Lessee receives rental equipment.  No Refunds for early returns.

2.  Lessee agrees that the golf car is NOT to be loaned, rented or sub-leased to any other person.  Only the original leased equipment will be accepted for return.

3.  Lessee and participants must know how to operate a golf car, agrees to use and operate the golf car in a safe and proper manner and return the golf car in the same condition as received.

4.  Occupants will remain seated at all times with nothing extended outside the golf car when in motion.

5.  Lessee agrees to use golf car in the vicinity of 1000 Islands/Association Island KOA.  Lessee MAY NOT transport leased golf car by motor vehicle, boat, or other means for use elsewhere.  Towing of equipment is prohibited.  Misuse of equipment or violating the terms of this agreement may result in forfeiture of both rental fees and security deposit.

6.  Lessee agrees to pay Lessor a cleaning fee of $25 for equipment returned excessively dirty.  Lessee agrees to pay Lessor for damaged or lost equipment at replacement cost plus 10%.

7.  Lessee shall return equipment when due and agrees to pay a Late Fee of $20 per hour until returned.

8.  You must be at least 18 years of age and show a valid driver’s license to rent a golf cart.  Under no conditions are you allowed to let another driver drive this vehicle, unless their names are listed on this contract.  

9.  Maximum of 4 people on a  cart and all passengers must be seated. 

10.  Anyone observed abusing golf cart rules and regulations will forfeit all rental privileges immediately.  This includes reckless driving, speeding, or allowing underage guests to operate the cart. 

11.  You agree to pay for any damage to the cart and authorize us to charge your credit card for same.

12.  You further agree to pay for any costs we incur to collect for damages. 


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    Agreement signed on: 04/19/2021

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