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2021 Reservations Open

Hi Association Island Guests,
We are now taking reservations for the 2021 season.  
Opening Day,  May 1, 2021
Closing Day, October 11, 2021   
Reserve by calling   1-800-393-4189,  or going to our reservation link:

For 2021,  we anticipate opening all sites,  including tent sites, and allow pop-ups,  truck campers,  etc.  We plan on hiring additional staff to monitor bathrooms,  pool, etc within recommended guidelines.  

If you have a site preference,  there is a nonrefundable site select fee of $25.  You do not have to use this feature,  but we cannot lock you into any particular site, and we will not know your specific site,  until check-in,  but you will get your site type.  For example,  waterfront site reservations will go to a waterfront site.  The reservation system is still not perfect in this function execution,  so if you have a specific site in mind, please call to select your site.  

Our reservations system will determine the pricing based on demand.  As sites fill up,  the prices will be adjusted accordingly.   Our lowest prices will be in the spring and after Labor Day,  although,  the Waterfront sites are in great demand, so the prices are already up for certain dates in 2021.    For example,  July 4th waterfronts are already 70% full.  

Seasonal sites are available.  Please call the office to talk to the general manager.
We are trying to be as fair as possible.  We are trying to take care of our most loyal customers while sharing Association Island for all who want to experience.
If you have a preference,  please reserve as soon as you can.  For those who have been with us for years,  you all know we are no longer the “Best Kept Secret” of camping. Our most popular sites reserve months in advance.

For 2021,  Ontario Lodge will be open, an 18 room motel that has been slowly refurbished for the past 4 years.  For those traveling with friends with RV’s, and for the fisherman who wants to trailer their boat and reserve a marina slip,  it will be a great place to stay.  Thank you for your past patronage. We look forward to see you all again in 2021. 

Reserve by calling   1-800-393-4189,  or going to our reservation link:


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