Pool & Bathhouse Updates

Island Guests,

July 17, 2020 POOL UPDATE: NOT OPEN.


We appreciate all your patience and support during this season.

To keep our Guests and Staff safe, We have decided to keep our Pool and bathhouses closed until further notice.

While we had hoped to open them, the necessary restrictions and increased demands to comply would be too risky for everyone. The safety of our Guests and Staff is the most important consideration. We will not open the pool or the bathrooms at this time. We cannot tell you if we will open them at all this season.

We are just as disappointed as You, but we made the decision based on safety.

We will not change our current reservations protocols about self-contained RV units, no tent reservations, and reduced amenities. We will continue our reduced personal contact check-in. We will continue our restaurant delivery, and store delivery. We are doing our part to keep our guests from having to leave the Island and to minimize interactions with the local community.

We know some of you will not be able to visit Us this year because of the bathroom restrictions, travel quarantines, and disappointment because of reduced amenities.

Please stay healthy. Thank you for your understanding.

John Shim, Association Island.

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The reduced amenities are completely understandable given the current situation what is not right is the fact you are charging customers the same nightly rate as usual.

John Shim
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Kim, we understand your comment. We are blessed to be here in the USA, where consumers can make a decision on value. We wish we can pass on our costs just as easily as our Guests can make their decisions to reserve on our Campground. We Love our Guests who understand there are costs associated with operating an Island Campground One mile into Lake Ontario. Despite the Flooding of the past years and this year’s Pandemic, We are trying to continue operations. We need to do what is prudent for Guest and Staff safety as well as build margins for our business. We wish We could operate on a shoestring budget, but when things go bad, there is always the “I told you so situation”. We installed three commercial generators at a tremendous cost this past year. We listened to our guests and put in food options. We had concerns about Guest and staff safety, so we invested in software to allow cashless ordering, check-in, waivers, and delivery. All those measured requires staffing and investments. We would love nothing more than to open all our amenities, as it would be a great financial advantage for us. Without the bathhouses, we cannot take a tent or pop up reservations. The pool would generate a significant increase in our ice cream and food sales. But in the end, it is about Guest and Staff safety. We have been transparent about our limited amenities this year. But, the draw to Association Island is our location, our sunsets, and the experience with family and friends. We are proud of our efforts. We appreciate any Guest who recognizes those efforts. Thanks for the comment.

Chris Stiles
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Are you restricting guest from leaving the island to visit local attractions and shop?

John Shim
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Chris, of course not. But, we are trying to do our part, by offering take out food, ice cream, and the ability to reserve our golf carts, kayaks, pedal bikes, and pontoon boat. In addition, we do have charter fishing that will come to the island for pick up. We do deliver ice, wood and a small inventory of items that you can order online via our AI Camping app. We minimize person to person contact with our office and ask that people pay their fees by credit card. We avoid cash transactions because of the situation. The Pandemic is not going away. We want to be able to remain open while weighing the risks to our Guests and to our Staff.


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