Cabins on Historic Association Island

The Old Cabins on Association Island,  from 1930’s to 1940’s.  After the closure of the island in the 60’s and 70’s,  many of the cabins were sold off to the local community.  You can still find some scattered throughout the Henderson Harbor and Jefferson County Neighborhoods.

Dave Grunfelder
Commented on

I can’t wait for more…….. I hope to visit you all again in August.

John Shim
Commented on


We have digitized a whole bunch of historic photo’s and plan on a scheduled release of those photo’s. It amazing to think that some of the most wealthy and powerful people of the United States used to vacation and plan the future of electricity on our little island! See you in August!

Gail Lee Smith
Commented on

We were sad when those little cabins left across the bridge- one by one. Happy for The Shims to have brought life and a fun island back to our community.


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