The Black Catte Café

The Black Catte Café was built as a bar and restaurant over 75 years ago. In this photo from 1940 we see many campers enjoying a break from the daily activities that General Electric had available to them. The wild carousing that took place at the bar is legendary, and helped cement the island's reputation […]

The Old Elm Tree

During the time that General Electric operated their retreats at Association Island, meetings would be held in the shade of this enormous elm tree, seen in this post card from 1954, where executives and common workers could freely discuss the issues of the day. This is also where the Elfun Society was created as a […]

Marching band review.

There was a great deal of ceremony brought to the activities on the island during the General Electric days . To bring an appropriate level of pomp and circumstance, GE employed a marching band to provide music for arrivals and departures, as well as cruises on the lake.  In this photo from around 1930, the […]

Arriving by Air

In the 1950's, General Electric chief executives and VIPs would arrive at the island via GE's amphibious airplane, a Grumman Mallard. The plane would land on Henderson Bay to the East side of the island and park on a ramp near the boat lagoon and Island House. For more on the rich history of the […]

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