Association Island, the Experience

Camping has certainly changed!

Back in the 1970s, camping meant going out in the woods, hanging out with friends, and fishing, hiking, and learning how to cook over an open fire, sit around with friends and family at night, telling stories and joking while roasting marshmallows. During college, I went on a few camping trips with friends and enjoyed the challenge of a minimalist life. Getting soaked in a tent was part of the experience, and I think fondly of the bonding those times provided for me and my pals. On my college spring break, 8 of us rented an RV, and traveled from Boston to Fort Lauderdale for spring break. We basically parked in lots. We were kids. No money for anything else but food, and drinks. It was awesome!

As CEO of Association Island, I have had the opportunity to interact with many people. The expectations have changed. To some, an RV campground is like guests bringing their own bedroom to a resort with all sorts of amenities. Some families are seeking child care services, with many kids activities. Others seek nightly entertainment such as a band.

While WE normally provide some of these options (not during Pandemic), We need to remind ourselves that Our Family’s goal was to share the beauty and the location of Association Island. It is about being on a 65 acre Island, one mile into Lake Ontario. It is about taking advantage of the water, with kayaks, boating, fishing, and cruising. It is about viewing the amazing sunsets and sunrises and spending time with loved ones around a campfire. It is about connecting with Nature.

Unfortunately, We cannot be all things to all people. We will concentrate on our original mission. We will make continuous improvements to enhance our location. At the same time, We will focus on our unique history and experience. In the Northeast, there are more than 55 million Campers. While all are welcome, We will target Guests who can embrace the true nature of Association Island.

We invite all who want to wake up to amazing sunrises, and share stunning sunsets. We invite all who desire communion with the Lake, the fishing, and the water. We invite all who want to share bonding, over a campfire with their loved ones.

John Shim, Association Island


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